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A business is as strong as the synergies built around it.

Business Approach

We are committed to ensuring that Information Technology is optimally used for socio economic good. Our services target both businesses and individuals, we have an inclusive business approach. We believe in synergy, shared growth and prosperity. We work with:

  • Both profit and nonprofit organizations (NGOs, CBOs)
  • Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Small Scale Industries
  • Associations (Membership based organizations)
  • Traders, Entrepreneurs and Professionals
  • Students and the Youth
  • Foreign Missions / Development Partners

Everything we do in LOGOS centers around friendship, we meet with clients on a personal basis to understand your needs, aspirations and expectations. We take time to show you what Information Technology can do for you and your business. We do this through:

  • Booking an appointment
  • Attending our awareness seminars
  • Joining our support forums
  • Enrolling into our workshops
  • Inviting us to group discussions

The services LOGOS offers require total commitment on both ends. On request, we draft detailed work plans with clear dates and deliverables which serve us a completion plan. To achieve the desired results, the following must always be put into practice:

  • Full understanding of the expected output
  • Preparing and submitting the requirements before time
  • Honoring the payment schedule
  • Being available throughout the entire workflow
  • Aggressive monitoring and evaluation
After-Sale Services

Real value in business is achieved over time. As LOGOS, we prefer creating long term bonds with our clients, we have created reliable after sale services that directly translate into quantifiable tangible value. Our after-sale support includes:

  • Scheduled periodical visits
  • Routine assessment surveys, recommendations
  • Special offers
  • Annual subscriptions - free support
  • Loyalty discount programs

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Our goal is to ensure that you lower expenditure while realizing profits.