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Company History / Evolution

LOGOS was founded by Jonathan Kayemba in 2010 as a door to door briefcase company but later registered as a fully-fledged business on the 18th of August 2011 in order to operate professionally and expand the existing customer base. LOGOS was initially incorporated as a skills training centre with two shareholders, Jonathan Kayemba and Jacob Katende who was later replaced by Norman K Juuko. Overtime LOGOS has added onto its initial service offering affordable IT services and relevant business consulting to give its customers a turnkey (complete) solution.

  • 2009

    How The Idea Emerged

    Jonathan Kayemba working as an information systems engineer in main stream IT observed a few unique trends that were limiting the successful adoption of IT into the workplace. The first was the skills deficits amongst the staff to operate the technology acquired and the second was the unethical business practices of the middle men who were constantly frustrating the providers of the solutions from efficiently servicing clients as well as the clients from optimally benefiting from the IT solutions available.

  • 2010

    This Was The Beginning

    The initial strategy while setting up LOGOS was to identify what customers in Kampala city needed when it came to computer related services. We observed that most of the first clients we got needed more of the practical training in computer basics than the Information Technology services which we hoped to offer. It was through this observation that we decided to start offering computer tutoring targeting mainly busy professionals since they could afford it. We were training them in their areas of interest, at their time and place of convenience. As we were increasing our client base we realized retired professionals too needed this service even more since they were born before computers and eager to learn in a more flexible environment. It was from here that LOGOS was founded as a brief case door to door computer tutoring business.

  • 2011

    Professionalizing Of The Business

    As the demand for this type of service increased, so did the demand for other associated services like computer repairs, upgrade and maintenance. We decided to recruit a few part time staff to assist with the increasing demands at hand. One of the first staff to be hired was Muhato Robert Noah, who currently is the General Manager. We recruited 3 other part time staff and we were operating in a boy’s quarter (one single room) which doubled as the founder’s (Jonathan Kayemba) personal accommodation.

    One sunny afternoon in June of 2011 during one of the trainings, all our computer equipment was short circuited due to a power surge leaving the business with nothing to operate with. The founder, Jonathan Kayemba at this time was already in talks with Mr. Carmelo Coccuza who is the founder of FinAfrica Uganda Limited, a business incubator in Uganda. Jonathan and Mr. Coccuza worked out an arrangement where LOGOS could use the facilities in the incubation centre to conduct business at the prevailing rates. FinAfrica had a fully stocked training room and professional business cubicles that were used as office stations for the businesses being incubated there. This was very ideal for LOGOS which needed the facility to continue its operations amidst the setback encountered.

    Thus on the 4th of August 2011, LOGOS moved into FinAfrica building and the business was later incorporated on the 18th of August 2011 as a limited liability company. This was a big step for the existing staff then; Jonathan and Robert who now had to ensure the company brings in enough sales to offset rent and other additional expenses. LOGOS was now a fully registered business in Uganda specializing in hands-on computer skills training coupled with soft computer related services the most sought after being computer repairs, website design and designing of simple software business applications. The biggest lesson for us in this experience as a company was; sometimes setbacks come as spring boards to catapult us to the next level.

  • 2012/13

    Testing The Business Model

    Like any journey, sometimes the outcome is different from the initial expectation. The LOGOS niche in the beginning was the seniors (adults ages 45 yrs and above) who were badly in need of the training and could pay for it. When tablets came onto the market, they slowly started replacing laptops which were also phasing out desktops for personal use. Since the clients found the tablets more easier to use than laptops, they needed little or no training which phased out this service line. LOGOS now had to depend on growing the other service lines for its long run survival.

    LOGOS slowly started developing a professional computer clinic, then added on website design services mainly for its clients. Most of these were needs the clients had which LOGOS was skilled to solve. LOGOS slowly grew these two service arms alongside the core which was training to enable the business remain operational and relevant.

  • 2014

    Creation Of The Software Development Arm

    The LOGOS client base slowly started expanding and spreading out to other regions of the country, the flagship being South Western Uganda. Through the ICT skills capacity building training for businesses, LOGOS realized a need for automated systems to manage key business processes. It was upon this that LOGOS opened up a software service line to serve this need. LOGOS has designed over 28 different systems (software) for mainly agribusinesses specializing in coffee, maize and beans as well as inventory management systems for wholesale and retail businesses.

  • 2015/16

    Creation Of The Business Consulting Service Arm

    In order to improve service delivery and understand clients’ needs better, it was eminent for LOGOS to set up a consulting service where clients could be managed better. The consulting is specific to advisory, management, finance & accounting, sales & marketing and information technology unique to the workplace, SMEs, NGOs/CBOs and Agribusinesses. LOGOS currently operates as a three tier company where the consulting and training are fused while the IT services are rendered separately.

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